Ratings System

I reserve the right to use half stars as needed!

FIVE STARS: sl;akfjd;lasf;ld my new fave

  • I LOVE everything about this book! Characters have depth and are fun to root for, setting is easy to imagine and I feel like I am drawn in to the story immediately.
  • Usually, books I give five bog berries to have a twist I didn’t see coming. I’m pretty good at guessing twists, so if someone surprises me, BAM, you’re getting a five! If you got a good, fast-paced plot, well then you got me!
  • If it has a THEME I love: redemption, stories about sacrifice, etc. that is clear from beginning to end in the character’s arc.

FOUR STARS: This was great!

  • Means I liked this book ALOT, but something was off for me either with characters, setting or plot. There may have been a character decision that was glorified that I didn’t agree with. The setting took over the plot or characters. Plot just wasn’t that surprising, but still pleasant.

THREE STARS: Not a bad read!

  • At least two things were off for me. Story didn’t flow easily and I had to do too much work to keep track of everything. Characters may have been too hard to follow or emotionally all over the place.

TWO STARS: Not for me!

  • This was probably just not my kind of book. I’ll say what I didn’t like about it and hopefully you can decide for yourself if you feel the same way!

ONE STAR: Something was offensive

  • I’m almost never going to give out a one, but if I do it will be because the book included characters who were abusive and glorified them (CURSE YOU WUTHERING HEIGHTS), or something like that. I’ll tell you and I will also tell you to never read it. I understand how hard writing is, but if you have this kind of garbage I have no sympathy for you and it deserves ONE BERRY.