Tower of Dawn BOOK REVIEW

Premise: Chaol and Nesryn sail to the Southern Continent to attempt to rally the Kagnate’s armies to help Adarlan defeat the Valg.

Does that premise seem like it could be one piece of a regular Throne of Glass book?

YES, IT DOES. Because it could have.

Look, at this point I know that Sarah J. Maas could write a book about paint drying and I’d read it. She’s tied with John Steinbeck as the best writer I’ve ever read. However, with a book like this, the problem is not in the writing, but rather than it didn’t need to be a book at all.

There ARE spoilers, I think, but I’ll try to not totally reveal the ending. But some parts will be VERY spoilery so proceed with caution.

(Sarah J. Mass dragging me into this book)

The GREAT things about it:

  • I LOVED Nesryn’s story! Sorry, already into spoilers, but she deserved a happy ending, someone who actually loves her and doesn’t just use her the way that Chaol did, and dammit SHE GOT IT!

Sartaq smile at her-gently. Sweetly. In a way she had not yet seen. “I loved you before I ever set eyes on you.”

Throne of Glass, page 525
  • Nesryn finally gets the love she deserves, she is finally not second to anyone. Hell, she gonna be a queen!
  • I loved Yrene Towers. She was such a lovely characters, someone who had fought through so much (escaping Fenharrow!), who had both a toughnes and a sweetness about her. When Chaol gets pissed at her and doesn’t let her work on healing him, “Yrene followed the sound of coughing.” (pg. 317). She loved healing people so much that she did it at every opportunity. She was good through and through.
  • I didn’t see the ending, the person who was revealed to have the Valg hiding in them, so that was a great surprise.
  • The Maeve turns in this book were pretty cool, but it also made me be like NO AELIN IS WITH MAEVE SHE GONNA DIE WE GOTTA GET HER which made me want this to be over so we could just read about Aelin. I just wanna read about AELIN!!
  • I liked the world of the Southern Continent. The khagnate, the battle between the siblings, the the tower, the cool oasis in the desert, the ruks and the people who lived in the mountains. It was just a lot to cover and also OTHER THAN THE SPIDERS, I just didn’t need all of it! Or, hell, this world felt like it could have been in its own books. It just felt sort of truncated and isolated, didn’t really feel like it belonged to other books. (You could say the same thing about Wendlyn in book three except that AELIN WAS THERE, the character we love with our whole hearts).


  • The main problem I had with this book is that you should not make an in series book without your main character. Aelin was a ghost in this book, mentioned by Chaol and so obviously helping Yrene in her stories, it was insane, but this book takes place at the same time (I think) as book 5. So, no Aelin. WHAAAAAT? Would you write a Harry Potter book without Harry Potter? NO YOU WOULD NOT! We do not want a Throne of Glass book without Aelin.
  • To top it off, she doesn’t even make the main character someone we love, like Dorian or Manon or Elide, Nehemia, which was truly the hardest scene to read. It was horrifying. Granted, Chaol is sort of redeemed in this book, but not really even because he has sex with another person while he is in a half-relationship with Nesryn. **Spoiler** Chaol I’m glad you are at peace with being in a wheelchair, but you didn’t have to be such an asshole on your way to that point. You didn’t DIE or get possessed by a Valg demon like your pal Dorian did.
  • The Baby Ruk dying made me be like fuck you to this book. It was so sad. I hated it but definitely set in stone that the spiders were demons.
  • Also, I couldn’t help but feel like Chaol going to the pit of his wound was very similar to Aelin going to the pit of her magic. It kinda felt like a less good version of that.

Look, at the end of the day I HAVE TO GIVE THIS BOOK 4/5 Bog Berries!

Because, even though this book annoyed the hell out of me, Sarah J. Maas is a damn good writer and this was a damn good book.

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